CNC Braking & Forming

CNC Press Brakes allow multiple angle bends in one handling, thereby greatly reducing the time and cost normally associated with parts that require intricate or compound bends. AZ Mfg also has an extensive assortment of common and special purpose dies on hand, and forming capabilities up to 10′ at 110 tons which often eliminates the additional cost of expensive tooling.Some of our press brakes allow tooling to be set for the entire length of the bed, allowing for single setup and single handling of even the most challenging and complex parts. Limitless computer memory enables the recall and setup of repeat parts in just minutes. We deliver consistent parts, time after time.

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CNC punching is a critical part of AZ’s manufacturing process.Every job is evaluated to achieve maximum economics. We assess form, fit, function, quality and quantity to determine that punching is the best method to produce an item. Then, the project goes to one of high production punching presses.AZ Mfg routinely stamps a number of metals including light to heavy gauge steel, mild steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum.

Our punching machines produce high quality parts in materials up to 3/16″ in thickness, with the same accuracy and reliability normally associated with more advanced manufacturing techniques.

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Laser-cutting of materials allows for a very high level of precision and edge quality. Using a CO2 laser, we cut metals. With CNC capability, these machines are capable of work areas measuring 120″ x 72″ x 36″, up to 1″ thick steel, 5/8″ stainless and 3″ aluminum. These are just a few of the materials we can cut.AZ Mfg can do production runs or single-piece prototypes. The company supports your JIT purchasing practices by maintaining an inventory of raw materials. Lasers have quick setup time and their cutting speeds are replacing other conventional fabrication machinery. They have effectively reduced secondary operations and often provide cost-savings to the customer.

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Stamping / Tool & Die

AZ Mfg produces both long and short run stampings. We work in most metals including, aluminum, brass, copper, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze, stainless steel as well as high and low carbon steel. Typical stamped parts are clips, terminals, special nuts, special washers, shims, springs and all types of brackets.Secondary operations are are routinely performed at AZ… including reaming, countersinking, counter boring, tapping, spot welding, hardware installation and assembly.

We started out as toolmakers, so we know our stuff! Coupled with high-technology equipment, and the industry’s most experienced toolmakers, we’re able to produce tooling, prototypes and first piece samples that are right “on spec” the first time. Take advantage of AZ Mfg’s:

  • Quick turnaround on prototypes
  • In-house tool shop
  • Engineering assistance
  • CNC machining & extensive secondaries

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AZ considers welding a part of its value-added service to customers. They have the ability to weld by mig, tig, arc and spot welding.Customer needs dictate the best welding operation for a particular piece. Because of the various types of welding performed at AZ, there are more options for choosing the best method for your project. Leave it to our experts to help evaluate and make the best determination.

After welding your piece, AZ moves on to powder coat, assemble and package to your specifications!

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AZ Mfg offers smooth or textured finishes, in a variety of coatings and colors. Powder-coated parts are run through a pretreatment system to ensure adhesion and superior corrosion resistance. Paint application is by both automatic guns and hand style processes.On-site or off, AZ has the resources available to take care of these and other finishing needs: powder-coating, anodizing, painting, plating, shot peening, and thermal spray.

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Why not have AZ Mfg finish the job? The company handles assembly, applies hardware, final inking, stickers, and specialty packaging.And, don’t waste time and resources arranging to ship your products. Let AZ take care of it for you… we offer delivery service. Whether your job requires large trucks, or pickup trucks for smaller shipments, let AZ Mfg make all the arrangements.

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Design & Engineering

We engineer, manufacture, and finish metal products to your needs and specifications. We offer value-added engineering services on all our projects. Our engineers will confirm your specifications to ensure you receive the highest quality product. Each individual and team provides AZ customers with the most practical equipment and system solutions.To do excellent work, we need excellent tools. We maintain state-of-the-art computer systems that aid us in performing resource planning and design functions efficiently.

If you need new project plans, we have worked with the best designers in the industry. We will gladly match your needs with qualified individuals and organizations, locally and nationally.

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