Quick List of Capabilities

Here is a sampling of AZ Mfg capabilities.If you do not see the process you are looking for… it may have been overlooked. Please contact us to be sure!

Dies: Stamping
Enclosures: Sheet Metal
Sheet Metal Fabrication: Precision
Sheet Metal Parts
Stampings: Aluminum
Stampings: Automotive
Stampings: Beryllium Copper
Stampings: Brass, Bronze & Copper
Stampings: Electronic
Stampings: High Volume
Stampings: Long Run
Stampings: Medical
Stampings: Metal
Stampings: Precision
Stampings: Progressive Die
Stampings: Prototype
Stampings: Sheet Metal
Stampings: Short Run
Stampings: Stainless Steel
Stampings: Steel
Assemblies: Mechanical
Automotive Parts
Blanks: Metal
Blanks: Steel
Boxes: Conduit
Boxes: Electric
Boxes: Electrical Control
Boxes: Metal
Boxes: Splice
Boxes: Switch
Boxes: Utility
CAD/CAM Product Development
CAD/CAM Services
Clamps: Aircraft
Clamps: Automotive
Clamps: Beam Or Girder
Clamps: Conduit
Clamps: Electronic Assembly
Clamps: I-Beam
Clamps: Stainless Steel
Clamps: Steel
Clips: Cable, Conduit
Covers: Box
Covers: Electric Outlet & Service Box
Designers: Computer-Aided & CAD/CAM
Designers: Tool & Die
Dies: Automotive
Dies: Blanking
Dies: Coining
Dies: Compound
Dies: Drawing, Sheet Metal
Dies: Fineblanking
Dies: Forming
Dies: Metal Stamping
Dies: Precision
Dies: Press
Dies: Progressive
Dies: Progressive Compound
Dies: Sheet Metal
Dies: Stainless Steel
Drilling: EDM
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
Electrical Equipment Parts
Electrical Supplies
Enclosures: Aluminum
Enclosures: Automotive
Enclosures: Computer
Enclosures: Custom
Enclosures: Custom, Electrical
Enclosures: Custom, Insulated
Enclosures: Custom, Metal
Enclosures: Electric
Enclosures: Electric, Aluminum
Enclosures: Electric, Submersible
Enclosures: Electrical Power Distribution
Enclosures: Electronic
Enclosures: Electronic (Mountings)
Enclosures: Electronic, Aluminum
Enclosures: Electronic, Custom Modification
Enclosures: Electronic, NEMA Rated
Enclosures: Electronic, Precision Machined
Enclosures: Equipment
Enclosures: Instrument
Enclosures: Machine, Safety
Enclosures: Military Specification
Enclosures: Printer
Enclosures: Rack Mount
Enclosures: Stainless Steel
Enclosures: UL Listed
Enclosures: Utility, Underground
Engineering Services
Engineering Services (Product Development)
Engineering Services: Design
Engineering Services: Design & Build
Engineering Services: Product
Fasteners: High Strength
Fasteners: Special
Fittings: Electrical
Grinding & Polishing: Contract
Hangers: Box, Electric
Hangers: Electric Box
Hangers: Electric Cable
ISO 9000 Registration
Machine Work (Machining)
Machine Work (Machining): CNC
Machine Work (Machining): Heavy
Machinery: Stamping
Medical Molded Plastics
Metal Stampings: Precision, Micro
Metal Stampings: Production
Milling: CNC

Nuts: Lock (Locknuts)
Outlets: Electric
Panels: Metal
Partitions: Wire
Product Development
Retainers: Ball Bearing
Riveting Services
SPC Checking Fixtures
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Sheet Metal Fabrication (POP Display Fixtures)
Sheet Metal Fabrication (Subsystem Enclosures)
Sheet Metal Fittings
Sheet Metal Stretch Forming
Shells: Aluminum
Shells: Brass, Bronze & Copper
Shells: Deep Drawn
Spacers: Conduit
Stampings & Forming
Stampings & Forming (Engineering Services)
Stampings (Coining)
Stampings (Connectors)
Stampings (Critical Transport)
Stampings (End Caps)
Stampings (Mass Volume Parts)
Stampings (Thrust Washers)
Stampings: ATV
Stampings: Aerospace
Stampings: Agricultural
Stampings: Aircraft
Stampings: Appliance
Stampings: Battery
Stampings: Bi-Metal
Stampings: Blade, Printer Cartridge
Stampings: Carbon Steel
Stampings: Cathode Ray Tube
Stampings: Cleanroom
Stampings: Close Tolerance
Stampings: Complex
Stampings: Compound Die
Stampings: Compression
Stampings: Construction
Stampings: Continuous Strip
Stampings: Copper
Stampings: Custom
Stampings: Decorative
Stampings: Deep Drawn
Stampings: Deep Drawn Stainless Steel
Stampings: Deep Drawn, Exotic Metal
Stampings: Deep Drawn, Medical
Stampings: Deep Drawn, Threaded
Stampings: Die
Stampings: Electronic, Miniature
Stampings: Enameled
Stampings: Exotic Metal Alloy
Stampings: Ferrous
Stampings: Fineblanked
Stampings: Flat
Stampings: Foil
Stampings: Fourslide
Stampings: Fourslide, Precious Metal
Stampings: Fuse
Stampings: Government Specification
Stampings: Hardware
Stampings: Heat Treated
Stampings: Heavy Gauge
Stampings: High Precision
Stampings: High Strength
Stampings: Hybrid & Chip Carrier Circuit
Stampings: Intricate
Stampings: Kovar
Stampings: Laminated
Stampings: Laser
Stampings: Lead
Stampings: Magnesium
Stampings: Manganese Steel
Stampings: Medium-To-Large
Stampings: Mica
Stampings: Microelectronic
Stampings: Microminiature
Stampings: Military Specification
Stampings: Miniature
Stampings: Multislide
Stampings: Nickel & Nickel Alloy
Stampings: Nickel Steel
Stampings: Non-Metallic
Stampings: Ordnance, To Military Specification
Stampings: Ornamental
Stampings: Perforated Metal
Stampings: Precious Metal
Stampings: Precision, Micro
Stampings: Printed Circuit Contact
Stampings: Production
Stampings: Punch Press
Stampings: QS 9000 Registered
Stampings: Semiconductor
Stampings: Shape Critical
Stampings: Small
Stampings: Solder
Stampings: Spring Steel
Stampings: Subminiature
Stampings: Surface Critical
Stampings: Surface Mount Pin
Stampings: Tapped
Stampings: Teflon / Coated
Stampings: Telecommunications
Stampings: Tempered Steel
Stampings: Thin Gage
Stampings: Titanium
Stampings: Transfer Die
Stampings: Truck
Straps: Cable
Straps: Electrical
Straps: Pipe