Stamping / Tool & Die

AZ Mfg produces both long and short run stampings. We work in most metals including, aluminum, brass, copper, beryllium copper, , stainless steel as well as high and low carbon steel. Typical stamped parts are clips, terminals, automotive parts, building products, special washers, shims,  and all types of brackets.

Secondary operations are are routinely performed at AZ… including reaming, countersinking, counter boring, tapping, spot welding, hardware installation and assembly.

We started out as toolmakers, so we know our stuff! Coupled with high-technology equipment, and the industry’s most experienced toolmakers, we’re able to produce  progressive dies, single hit dies,  prototypes, tooling and first piece samples that are right and built to your specifications the first time.

Take advantage of AZ Mfg’s:

  • Quick turnaround on prototypes
  • In-house tool and die shop
  • Design and Engineering assistance
  • CNC and Conventional machining
More Capabilities